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May 15, 2016

Friday, May 20 is ‪#‎NationalBiketoWorkDay‬ - will you be joining in on the fun?!

The top 10 reasons everyone should bike to work


October 18, 2015

We had three new volunteers join two of our experienced ones on October the 18th for a Gears Work Day.  One had bike knowledge, the other two none at all. An hour into the work day, everyone was taking off usable bikes parts from one bike and putting them on another. Maybe the exact tool names weren't known, but how to use them was! The youngest volunteer I've seen work on a bike worked with us. She was nine years old and quickly found ways to help get things done. Over a six hour period, five people working non-stop going through a backyard full of donated bicycles in various conditions. The weather was breezy and beautiful, making the time go by very quickly. The new volunteer with no tool or bike experience at all was so impressed with what she accomplished and cannot wait to get on the next project. Her child also left with new knowledge of how to take apart wheels and pump up tires.

We got so much accomplished. Thank you for all the hard work! Our volunteers are the best!





October 12, 2015

Gears for Years partnered with the Volusia County Boys and Girls Clubs to match up refurbished bicycles with local kids. Each  club location gave us the age of a child they picked to receive a bike based on a reward system for attendance or behavior. We delivered the bikes on Monday, the 12th. All kids were really excited about our visit and interested in how they could earn a bike as well. We will continue working with the directors to let us know when to get the next ones ready.

We are delighted to be a part of such as positive reinforcement for the children in our community!




October 12th, 2015

Working with Georgetown Condos in Celebration Florida we just accepted a donation of 38 bicycles! Two men and a Truck of Daytona Beach sponsored the transportation, donating their truck, two wonderful gentlemen and their time. They drove to Celebration, Florida to Georgetown Condos to pick up the bicycles. They loaded them onto the truck and then returned to Daytona and unloaded them for us as well in our storage. We cannot express how much we appreciate the generosity of their donation and their community support!


October 11, 2015

We have numerous bikes on their way to Daytona Beach from Jacksonville, Florida. I would like to thank Dan Delgross for allowing the use of his trailer for transport. We have the 8 bikes we completed at last month’s fix up in Bryceville coming back our way plus 17 more donated ones. Our volunteer, Rick Delgross, picked up the bikes today at an event he was assisting with. The event was the Fall Fix Up that ZenCog Bicycles in Jacksonville FL put on. Garf, the co-owner of ZenCog, passed the word along about our organization after seeing us on Ricks Facebook page. Garf then put him in touch with the owners of Jax ReCycle. They donated 17 used kids bikes to Gears for Years. Rick loaded them up, along with the completed ones on the trailer and is bringing them here tomorrow.  The donated bikes look adorable, can’t wait to see them all. More bikes we need your help to come fix up and get ready for these kids!

Please make sure you help us by sharing our social media- one share got us 17 bikes!

A very special thank you to Dan Delgross, Rick Delgross, Jax ReCycle and ZenCog.


October 8, 2015

We were able to make eight wonderful kids extremely happy this afternoon by working with the Magnovo Leaders Institute group again.  The Leaders Institute is a soft skills training company that puts on team building events all over the world. They help organizations and companies build continuity and collaboration with their organization, as well as give back to the community. With their Build-A-Bike Team Building Workshop®  groups are divided into teams to solve specific challenges in order to build bicycles for young children.

 We worked with the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County to give out the bicycles.  The mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. Their goal is to provide world-class Club experiences that assure success is within reach of every child who walks through their doors. They want all members to graduate from high school with a plan for the future; demonstrate good character and citizenship by participating in leadership training and volunteering in community service projects; and engage in sports and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Six children came to accept the bicycles and take them home. Their faces were lit up with happiness as they ran out and claimed their bikes. The other two bikes were taken to the Boys and Girls club for use. What a big step this is towards their mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle for these kids. Thank you so much to the company who assembled the bikes for their community as well as the Magnovo Training Institute for allowing us to be part of the event.  



September 24, 2015 - Tampa Bicycle Giveaway

Today we were privileged enough to assist in a wonderful bicycle giveaway opportunity. We once again teamed up with the Leaders Institute, which is a soft skills training company that puts on team building events all over the world. They help organizations and companies build continuity and collaboration with their organization, as well as give back to the community. With their Build-A-Bike Team Building Workshop® groups are divided into teams to solve specific challenges in order to build bicycles for young children. The Spinal Institute of Tampa put together 16 bicycles during their company’s team building challenge.  Working with A Kids Place of we were able to deliver these newly assembled bikes to local kids. Their mission at A Kid's Place is to provide residential services to children from birth to age 17, who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment and to provide a variety of services which meet the social, educational, medical, and psychological needs of the child. Their primary focus is to keep sibling groups together in a safe, stable, home-like environment until a more permanent placement can be provided.

A Kid's Place was thrilled to work with us on this event, and agreed to bring four children over to the Training area to accept the donated bikes. The four kids were precious. Two girls, ages 12 & 7. Two boys, ages 10 & 5. They were all siblings except the 5 yr old, he is one of six siblings living together at the facility. They were busting with excitement and could hardly wait to see the bikes. The little girl was literally bouncing up and down. There were about 75 employees of the Spinal Institute there that had just put the bikes together in the room. The Director of A Kid's Place spoke about the facility and the children before they came out. The kids ran out and each picked a bike out of the lineup. There were 16 brand new bikes with helmets waiting for them. There was not a dry eye in the room watching the kids - they were so happy! They talked with the employees that built the bikes and rode them around inside a bit. It was all very emotional for everyone involved.


16 children now have new bikes and helmets to call their own. A Kids Place houses 60 children, so Gears for Years has pledged to provide every child there with their own bike. The President of the Spinal Institute has pledged the next 30 bikes, so we are well on the way!

A big thank you to our volunteers, Angel with the Leadership Institute & Magnovo, The team at The Spinal Institute, Suzette, and the children from A Kids Place!




September 21,2015

How to take apart a bike 101 - A first bike fix-up:

I did it. I took something old, used and not working and fixed it.

 I didn’t know what to expect working in a garage all day with tools besides grease and heat. I certainly didn’t expect to enjoy the peacefulness of the tinkering sounds or how relaxed the atmosphere was. I would have never guessed the feeling of accomplishment I would have when seeing the bike I fixed completed. I was so proud of myself.

Could I do it again? Oh yes, because I had a great teacher. Rick Delgross was so patience and wonderful at explaining things. He didn’t do things for me or hover, he just gave me clear directions and answered questions. Among the things I learned, it seems knowing the basic tools was the most useful. I learned how to put a chain on and cut off grips that have melted to the metal. Rusted fork? No problem, it was sanded and painted. What is the fork? The piece that holds the handlebars to the front tire and it’s really hard to get off when rusted over. It is really a simple structure when it comes to these kids bikes. I wanted to do more, I didn’t want to stop. I want one in my own garage to work on when I need to relax and think.

Knowing a child will be on the bike I refurbished is amazing. I never would have guessed I could do that in one day. I cannot wait to see their face when they get on it the first time. I imagine it will look just like mine and have a huge smile.

Special thank you to Dan Delgross for letting us store and work on these bikes in his garage.



September 12, 2015

 Fix up Day

On Saturday the 12th, an experienced cycling guy came down from Jacksonville to help sort bikes and parts.

Rick Delgross started sorting through things right away. Good frames, bent frames, too expensive to repair, easy to fix. We decided to pull a few bikes we could repair, grabbing a few more bikes and switching some tires around. We also went through and gathered any tubes and new seats we could use from previous donations.

It was surprising  to find 5 hours had passed by while we were doing all this. We stacked the bikes in the back of his truck to send them on their way to his brothers garage in Bryceville to await being worked on.

The eight bicycles got their make-overs by the end. We pulled them apart; sanded, repaired and painted. The garage space we had was perfect for the work we did. Putting the bicycles back together and seeing what we accomplished at the end of the day was extremely satisfying. Eight bicycles ready to ride! A big shout out for Dan Delgross and Rick Delgross for their help and use of the garage!


September 11, 2015

Uncovering the Goods


We have some storage at a residential property in Daytona Beach, used bikes and other various donated items. The majority of the bikes are outside because we do not have an inside storage unit yet. The bikes are in various stages are repair, so we visited to take note of what we have. Two volunteers helped with the mission of sorting out the usable from the unusable. We loaded up eight bikes to take to the garage to repair and repaint. A big shout out of thanks to our volunteers, Gus Devereaux and Rick Delgross for their time over the weekend!


August 2015

We have a new Program Director at Gears for Years. Her name is Laine Becket. She is a Florida native and resides in Volusia County. Laine brings with her numerous years of non-profit work experience. We are excited to have her aboard and look forward to growing our organization with her. Please help us welcome her into the Gears family.

A message from Laine:


My name is Laine Evette Becket and I am very excited to announce I am your new Director of Programs!

I am thrilled to be involved with such an amazing program which gives so much back to the community. Not only do I get to make so many children smile, I also get to work with dedicated volunteers who are responsible for the program’s success. We are in the process of building an infrastructure we can use throughout Florida to run our program. The focus starts in Volusia County, however, you will see we are active in quite a few places. We have a need for all kind of volunteers, it's easy to get involved just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will match your availability and interest with a way you can help.

For an accumulative of 15 years I have not only worked for, but also volunteered for two large non-profit organizations. On the opposite end, I also was employed by one of the top money making businesses in the industry for 6 years. I hope to combine the experiences from both to help lead Gears into further success. The platform is there, so we are going to dive in off of it. I welcome any ideas and suggestions- I’m relying on growing Gears through many great minds input.

I'll quickly admit that I don't know much about bicycles. Aside from riding one for recreation- mainly as a child, I have very limited experiences. Because learning how to repair bicycles will improve the work I can do to help, I am learning as much as I can about the cranks and cogs. I believe running an organization which is volunteer led means everyone works side by side to ensure the best outcome.

I look forward to enriching the lives of many children together with everyone.

Repair, refurbish and ride on,


Gears for Years, Director of Programs

Community Enrichment through Cycling


July 2014

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Last week we teamed up with the Leaders Institute, which is a soft skills training company that puts on team building events all over the world. They help organizations and companies build continuity and collaboration with their organization, as well as give back to the community. With their Build-A-Bike Team Building Workshop® groups are divided into teams to solve specific challenges in order to build bicycles for young children. Remember that first, brand-new bicycle that you got when you were a tot? For many of these kids, this will be the first bike they will have ever owned, and your gift means freedom to these young people. Furniture Medic came to the Orlando Rosen Shingle Creek hotel and conference center as part of their teambuilding activities and put together 10 brand new huffy bikes that were then donated to Gears For Years. We matched the bikes, including helments and locks, with underprivelaged children in the local community and they rode off into the sunset to have an amazing summer with their new bikes!

Big thanks to Dan with the Leaders Institute, Sherrye with Furniture Medic, and their teams who worked together!

To make a donation to our cause, or share our cause with organizations and people that can lend some elbow grease, please use the tabs at the top of the page for more info! Every little bit helps! Check out our facebook page for current updates!




March 26, 2014


We received 510c3 status as a keep it together florida program! Your donations are now tax deductible.

For some more info on our status click here


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