Gears For Years

December 17, 2012

St Johns County has stepped up as a big sponsor of our program.  County fire departments have volunteered to be drop off locations.  A big thanks to the county!



November 24, 2012

Paypal donations are now being accepted for cash donations to the program.

How to donate:

 Gears For Years is a program sponsored by Keep It Together Florida Inc. Donations are processed through the paypal link below:

We are a KITFL program, so your donation is tax deductible under 501c3 rules.



December 06, 2012

Meghan donated her time and amazing graphics design skills to the cause by designing some logos


   Check out our new Facebook page at that Brandon started for us!


November 22, 2012 - The Beginning

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Gears for years was just created today.  The idea for the program began as an idea several weeks ago, and developed into a charity event that will not only donate bikes to kids in need, but teach them important life skills of how to assemble, maintain,and safely use their bikes for years to come.


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